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Each Impact module is rich with information waiting for aggregation, sorting, and judicious queries to solve persistent management issues. Reports and online queries are some of the solutions provided by Impact Resources to provide management with key information.

The Impact Tickler is a new module that enables the scheduling and management of Impact events without the need for a custom report. Custom queries such as, "Show me all permits that have not had an inspection in 60 days", can be displayed interactively. Management queries such as, "Show me all open customer service requests that are assigned to Bill Smith", can also be displayed. The Tickler module includes a calendar that can be used for event management, such as Planning Commission meetings, City Council meetings, and holidays. In addition, date specific queries can be displayed on a calendar. For example, it is possible to display all projects scheduled for the next Planning Commission meeting on the tickler calendar. The tickler calendar can be printed in a daily, weekly, or monthly format.

The greatest feature of the Tickler module is the ease in which it can be customized. Every Impact user can create a unique set of tickler queries based on his or her business needs.

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