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Solutions for Inspectors

Impact Resources' clients often request the ability to take Impact technology into the field. Experience has shown, however, that notebook computers are not always the best solution for inspectors. They are heavy, fragile, and expensive. An alternate, less expensive solution is the mobile device.

The Inspections applications for the Pocket PC or Android is completely compatible with the Impact Permitting module. Inspectors can download the day's inspections to their mobile device, take the handheld into the field and record inspection results, complete with descriptive details. Back in the office, the inspector uploads the results into the permitting database.

CE Inspections for the Pocket PC or Android works in conjunction with the Impact Code Enforcement module. Code Enforcement Officers can download their scheduled inspections, complete with contact information and any prior inspection history. They can record detailed inspection comments. Upon returning to their office, they can upload the day's results into the Code Enforcement database.

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