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Impact code enforcement

Solutions for the Code Enforcement Officer

Every community has on-going programs to enforce building codes, health codes, and planning and zoning regulations. Some code violations are discovered with proactive enforcement programs, while others are created in response to citizen complaints. Either way, case files must be created, inspections made, and actions tracked until final disposition of the case.

The Code Enforcement module provides all the tools necessary to manage case files. A user can track all contacts, such as property owners and tenants, site inspections, fines and fees assessed for the violation, and staff actions related to the case. Virtually all components of a typical code enforcement case, from the complaint call to final resolution, can easily be recalled, allowing the code enforcement officers to spend more time resolving problems instead of chasing paper files.

The Code Enforcement module is fully integrated with the Parcels module enabling a user to easily find the entire case history for an individual parcel. Additionally, it is integrated with the Customer Service module, allowing managers and administrators to have a quick link to citizens' complaints.

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